Best online casinos accepting iDebit in Canada

Online payments are widespread in most parts of the world. The fact is that they are much more convenient than traditional cash payments. And, of course, in some cases, such as when playing at online casinos, paying in cash is simply not possible.

That’s why casinos are usually the first to adopt new financial technologies and are constantly expanding their list of partner services for deposits and withdrawals.

All this allows players to easily fund their casino accounts and enjoy slot machines, blackjack, bingo, roulette and many other games without having to physically visit banks.

All this has led to the emergence of many online payment services: from systems offered by banks themselves, to various payment intermediaries, e-wallet services and recently emerged cryptocurrency exchanges.

All of these services compete for customers, offering various advantages and trying to reduce transaction fees and processing time.

This is the most fertile time for online payments, and both casinos and players benefit from it.

One of these services is Canada’s iDebit, which is currently only available in its country. Some services try to offer customers all sorts of services, but this company has chosen a different tactic.

They do one thing, but they do it well. Simple, straightforward, and fast payments from your bank account without a credit card. That’s about it. But this is a case where less actually means more.

Top 10 Online Casinos iDebit

  1. LeoVegas Casino;
  2. 888 Casino;
  3. Royal Panda Casino;
  4. Casino Friday;
  5. Evospin Casino;
  6. Dux Casino;
  7. Golden Star Casino;
  8. N1 Casino;
  9. Maneki Casino;
  10. King Billy Casino.

We recommend checking out reviews on the best casino sites that accept iDebit deposits for Canadian gamblers.

About iDebit

iDebit is an online payment system that allows its users to quickly and securely pay for online purchases or deposit money into online casinos using only their bank account.

No debit or credit card is required and the money transfer is instant.

This payment method only works regionally and only works in Canada. Attempts to use the service outside of that country will not work.

iDebit is similar to Interac E-transfer, another service that is only available in Canada. In such transactions, funds are not “parked” as is the case with e-wallets. The service acts only as an intermediary in the process of transactions.

In these cases, it works like electronic purses. Although with one serious caveat. Under Canadian law, the amount may not be withdrawn from the account for only 28 days. This means that unlike some e-wallet services, where your money can be stored for a longer period of time, iDebit should only be used as a temporary wallet.

Is personal data protected?

The company emphasizes on their website that security is their top priority. They also note that transactions are processed in a secure environment that uses state-of-the-art online banking technology and adheres to security measures.

Users’ banking data is never stored or shared with third parties, it always remains between the user and their bank.

Storage and use of personal information is completely secure

Using 128-bit encryption, and the servers are located in a data center with restricted access, protected by biometric scanners and security service.

Relying on such assurances, players can play with confidence that their data and information will not fall into the hands of fraudsters and other unscrupulous individuals on the Internet.

Types of services offered

iDebit offers one basic service, which can be further divided into two parts.

One part is paying for products or services online, and the other is receiving money transfers.

The difference is that the first action does not actually require you to create an account. If you don’t want to register, payment is possible through a guest account.

You can also receive money through this service, but this requires an account in the iDebit system, as well as a bank account number.

What about anonymity?

Anonymity on the Internet is an important problem today. Some users, for various reasons, prefer to make certain transactions without revealing any of their data.

Many payment services serve this category of customers, but iDebit is not one of them.

Since the payment goes through your bank, which has access to all your information, payments via this payment service can be called safe and fast, but not anonymous in any way.

Users who need this type of protection should turn to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Getting Started with the iDebit Service

The iDebit service is easy to learn. A big plus is that you do not need to open an account with the service if you just want to make a deposit to the casino.

To make payments, you only need a bank account at one of the partner institutions that are published on the service’s website.

After that, you need to check if the casino you’re interested in offers this method of making deposits. If they work with this service, you will be able to select the appropriate option on the website, after which you will be redirected to the bank’s online platform.

Simply select the account you want to use for payment and confirm it. That’s it. This is a very easy and affordable way to make a deposit.

When it comes to withdrawing money after winning at online casinos

First you need to check if the casino allows withdrawals through iDebit. If it is possible, simply select this service in the “payments” section of the casino’s website and enter your credentials, and then the money will be credited to your iDebit account.

Two things to keep in mind: firstly, you need to have an iDebit account when receiving money from someone. Secondly, it can take up to 5 working days to withdraw money from the service to your bank account.

iDebit on online casino sites

Online casinos are constantly expanding the range of financial tools available to serve payments on their sites, and they tend to be pioneers in this area.

Almost all casinos support time-tested payment methods like Visa and MasterCard, but more and more operators are adding various e-wallets and money transfer services to their sites to offer customers as many options as possible.

In Canada, iDebit and Interac e-Transfer are becoming increasingly popular payment methods at online casinos. I will caveat that these casinos are based in Canada, as these services only operate in one country and not worldwide.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to play at Canadian casinos most likely they offer this payment method.

As always, we recommend that you check the terms and conditions of a particular casino to make sure it offers the most convenient payment methods.

Restrictions and requirements

The main limitation of iDebit is that it is only available in one country, Canada. Therefore, it cannot be used for gambling internationally.

Another limitation is that the service relies on the existing banking infrastructure. Thus, it is not anonymous, despite the security and speed provided.

As for the rules of use, potential payers must first have a bank account. This, for one reason or another, may be a problem for some users.

Other rules and nuances relate more to the casinos themselves. Casinos decide for themselves whether they will use the iDebit service, so it is the player’s responsibility to choose the right operator.

Benefits of iDebit payment system in online casinos

More and more casinos in Canada are starting to work with iDebit, which contributes to the growing popularity of the service; this is confirmed by the players’ posts on social networks and forums.

The reasons are quite clear. The service allows players to deposit and withdraw money without involving debit or credit cards and without providing the casino with their personal information. The payment processing service takes care of all the basic work, and the player only needs to log into their online bank and select an account.

It is easy, quick and convenient to do so. This is why users appreciate this payment system so much. Security is another advantage of the service: the company uses both encryption and physical security in combination with the existing banking infrastructure, which adds another layer of protection.

In an age of rampant fraud and deception, this is very good to hear.

Disadvantages of iDebit in online casinos

Obviously, the main one is that iDebit can only be used in Canada. Have you seen any unusual online casinos from other countries that cater to Canadian players? Well, they probably don’t accept iDebit.

Another drawback is the lack of anonymity: any transactions you make come from your bank account, which is initially tied to your real identity.

Another nuance is the relatively long transaction processing time when withdrawing funds from iDebit to your bank account, as it can take up to five days for funds to be credited. Nevertheless, in most cases this time is considered the norm when using bank accounts.

Are there any fees and what is the amount of commission?

Yes. iDebit charges certain fees for processing transactions. There is a payment processing fee and a withdrawal fee to your bank account. But these fees are not that high. Account creation and payments from the iDebit balance are done without any fees.

Of course, the payment processing service is only one variable in the equation.

Some banks may charge their own fees. It’s best to check with your bank before using the service.

Casinos may also charge their own fees; these are set at the sole discretion of the operator.

Conclusion of the iDebit payment system review

There are many payment processing services these days, so it is sometimes difficult for players to make the right choice.

Especially for those who are spoiled by the choice available in casinos, as operators strive to offer the maximum financial options to please the majority of players.

Is it worth considering using iDebit? Definitely, because it is one of the most reliable services on the market. The only thing you need from you is an internet connection and a bank account. You don’t need bank cards, e-wallets or anything else.

The service is clear and easy to use, and the fees can be described as rather low. Canadian players should probably use this service.

FAQs about iDebit

What is iDebit?

iDebit is a debit payment service available to customers in Canada The main advantage of the service is that it only requires a bank account from which payments are made. The service also helps accept transfers, and users then receive money into their bank account.

Is iDebit available on online casino platforms?

In Canada, this payment service is often used for transactions with bookmakers and casinos, as evidenced by the numerous messages on this issue from the players on the forums. Most of the reviews on the work of this service are positive. Obviously, this payment method is the choice of many Canadian players.

But, as always, you need to read the terms and conditions of a particular casino to know what deposit methods they allow on their platform. The mere fact that this service is popular does not mean that it is available in every casino.

Are there any restrictions when using iDebit on online casino platforms?

It is not iDebit’s policy to block transactions serving gambling. However, since the service relies on banking institutions for its operation, it is best to check your bank’s policies regarding customer accounts.

One major limitation is that this payment processing service is only available in Canada.

Can I qualify for casino bonuses and promotions if I deposit through iDebit?

Actually, the answer depends on the casino you want to sign up with. There is nothing stopping the casino from giving you deposit bonuses through iDebit, but the operator may for some reason decide to limit bonus distribution.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, carefully study the bonus terms and conditions published on the casino’s website.

What services does iDebit provide?

Unlike some payment systems that offer a wide range of services with different levels and fees, this company has decided to specialize in one operation: using bank accounts to pay online without a debit or credit card.

Here’s what you can do with this service. Once your bank account is connected, you can send and receive money transfers without using a credit card.

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