range rover price in sri lanka

range rover price in sri lanka

Range Rover has been manufactured by British car maker Land Rover since 1970. Range Rovers can be run on petrol and diesel. In Sri Lanka, the popular model is Range Rover Vogue. The price of a brand new range rover costs around Rs 2 million. This does not include insurance, registration fee or other taxes which have to be paid once a vehicle is purchased in Sri Lanka. Range Rover Sport costs a bit less than the regular model. range rover sri lanka price 2021

range rover price in sri lanka

The cheapest range rover available for sale in Sri Lanka is priced at Rs 1,760,000 while the most expensive model costs Rs 3,310,000 . It doesn’t take too long for a range rover price to depreciate after it is released in the market. The depreciation curve almost levels off after one year of its release. This is probably to do with the high demand for this vehicle and also because it is produced in limited quantities.

The price range for used range rover models varies depending on their age, mileage or general condition. A decent model that has done around 30,000 km can be bought at Rs 1,650,000 which is around Rs 100,000 less than its original market price when it was new. A year old used model usually costs about the same as its initial market price but will have much lower mileage. If you are looking to buy a second hand range rover in sri lanka , try to negotiate with the seller if you can get a better deal. range rover discovery price in sri lanka

The price of second hand range rover models is likely to remain high unless a car accident has occurred or the model is discontinued for some reason. Cars that have been involved in accidents will lose their market value significantly over time as it makes them harder to sell. A used with an accident, even if repaired properly, might end up costing 50% less than its original market price which does not make it worth buying at all. Buyers should also be wary of models that are priced too low because this could indicate they were stolen or smuggled into Sri Lanka with fake documents range rover price in sri lanka 2020

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