metal gear solid v the phantom pain save game location

metal gear solid v the phantom pain save game location The Phantom Pain save game location is in the following directory: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Konami\Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain\. Your game progress is automatically saved as you play.

If you need to manually save your progress, go to the game menu and select “Save Game”. This will create a new file that will overwrite your previous saves. To reload a save, select “Load Game” from the main menu and choose the desired save file. Remember that your progress is automatically saved as you play, so there’s no need to worry about losing your progress if you forget to manually save.

The default save game location for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the “My Documents” folder. However, you can change the location of the save game files by editing the “mgsv.ini” file in the game’s installation directory. To do this, open the “mgsv.ini” file in a text editor and look for the following line:


Simply change the “My Documents” value to the location of your choice, and the game will save its files there instead. Note that you’ll need to have write permissions for the chosen folder.

metal gear solid v the phantom pain save game location

Change the path after the equal sign to wherever you want your save game files to be located. For example, you could change it to “D:\Games\MGSV\Saves” or something similar. Once you’ve made your changes, save the “mgsv.ini” file and launch the game. Your new save game location will be used when you next save your game.

If you want to revert the changes, simply delete the “mgsv.ini” file from the game’s installation directory and the default “My Documents” folder will be used.

The Phantom Pain is a vast and open game, with plenty of secrets and side content to discover. There are also many ways to tackle missions, whether you want to go in all guns blazing or take a more stealthy approach. You can even call in air strikes and artillery bombardments if things get tough. The possibilities are endless.

One thing that’s for sure is that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one of the most ambitious games ever made. It seamlessly blends stealth, combat and exploration into one cohesive whole, resulting in a gaming experience that’s both epic and unforgettable. So if you’re looking for a title that will keep you occupied for hours on end, then look no further than The Phantom Pain.

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