Unnale Unnale

Unnale Unnale Unnale Unnale is a 2007 Tamil language film directed by Jeeva. The film’s soundtrack and background score were composed by Harris Jayaraj, while cinematography and editing were handled by R. D. Rajasekhar and Anthony, respectively. The film stars Vinay Rai, Ashima Bhalla, and Shriya Saran in lead roles with Prakash Raj, Vadivelu, Livingston, and Pyramid Natarajan playing pivotal roles.

The film was released on 27 April 2007 and became a commercial success at the box office.

The movie Unnale Unnale is about two friends, Raja (Vinay Rai) and Pooja (Ashima Bhalla), who are studying in Chennai. They fall in love with each other, but circumstances force them to part ways. Raja goes to Australia to pursue his studies, while Pooja gets married to Senthil (Prakash Raj), a man chosen by her parents.

unnale unnale

Raja returns to Chennai after four years, only to find that Pooja is now a mother of two children. He tries to rekindle their romance, but Pooja is adamant that she will not leave her family for him. Will Raja and Pooja be able to overcome all the obstacles and be together again?

This is the story of a boy who falls in love with a girl who is not interested in him. He follows her around, writes her letters, and tries to talk to her, but she is not interested. One day, he sees her talking to another boy and gets jealous. He decides to write her a letter telling her how he feels, but she does not respond. He continues to write letters to her, but she never responds. Finally, he gives up and moves on with his life.

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