Beat verb forms

Beat verb forms The present tense of the verb “beat” is “beats,” the past tense is “beat,” and the future tense is “will beat.” The present participle is “beating” and the past participle is “beaten.” The gerund form is “beating.” When used as an adjective, the word means “excellent” or “unbeatable.” For example, “That was a beat meal I ever had,” or “You’re the best basketball coach in the country.” To intensify the meaning of the word, you can use “beat up,” as in “He got beat up by a group of thugs.” This verb is irregular.

The base form of the verb is “beat.” The -ed participle is “beaten.” The -ing participle is “beating.” The present tense conjugation is “I am beating,” “you are beating,” “he/she/it is beating,” etc. The past tense conjugation is “I beat,” “you beat,” “he/she/it beat,” etc. The future tense conjugation is “I will beat,” “you will beat,” “he/she/it will beat,” etc.

The present participle can be used as an adjective, as in “the beating drums.” The past participle can be used as an adjective, as in “a beaten path.” The gerund form can be used as a noun, as in “beating is illegal in this state.”

beat verb forms

This verb is transitive, which means it requires an object. The direct object is the thing that is being beaten. For example, “I am beating the drum.” The indirect object is the person or thing to whom or for whom the action is being done. For example, “I am beating the drum for you.”

This verb can also be used intransitively, without an object. For example, “The drum is beating.” In this case, the subject is doing the action to itself.

This verb can be used in many idiomatic expressions. For example, “to beat around the bush” means to avoid saying what you really mean. “To beat someone at their own game” means to defeat someone using their own methods or strategies. “To give someone a beating” means to physically attack them. “To take a beating” means to suffer a loss or to be defeated. “To have had a beating” means to be very tired from physical exertion. “To keep a beat” means to maintain a steady rhythm. “To miss a beat” means to make a mistake or to falter. “To be in sync with the beat” means to be coordinated and working together smoothly.

This verb can also be used literally to mean striking something repeatedly with your hand or another object. For example, “I was beating the drum so loudly that my neighbor called the police.” It can also mean to hit someone repeatedly as a form of physical punishment. For example, “In some countries, criminals are still beaten as punishment.” Finally, it can mean to move quickly or energetically. For example, “My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

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