Rude meaning in Sinhala

Rude meaning in Sinhala One word you could use for rude is වන්ධා (vanada), which means “impolite” or “disrespectful”. Another word you might hear is කලු (Kalu), which means “bad-mannered”. These are both pretty strong words, so you would only use them if the person’s rudeness was really noticeable or bothersome.

If you want to describe someone as being a little bit rude, you could say ඇණ (aina), which means “slightly” or “a little bit”. For example, you could say නැති අය ඇණ අన്‍ග්‍‍ර (natthi aiya ainagranga), meaning “he is slightly impolite”.

Finally, if you want to describe someone as being very rude, you could use the word අ (a), which means “very”. For example, you could say නැති අය අ අన്‍ග්‍‍ (natthi aiya a angranga), meaning “he is very impolite”.

rude meaning in sinhala

Remember, rudeness is always considered to be bad manners, so it’s best to avoid being rude yourself!

When someone is rude, they are behaving in a way that is not polite or respectful. This can be done through words or actions, and it often makes the person on the receiving end feel uncomfortable. In Sinhala, there are a few different ways to say “rude”.

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