Kottawa postal code

Kottawa postal code Sri Lanka’s postal codes are numbered with five digits, which correspond to the districts (and, in some cases, sub-districts) in the country. The first digit corresponds to the province (or “unitary authority” for Colombo), and the second and third digits correspond to the district. The fourth digit indicates the route number, and the fifth digit indicates the delivery office within that route.

The provinces of Sri Lanka are divided into 25 districts, each of which is further divided into divisions (sub-districts). In Colombo district, there are four postcode areas, each corresponding to a division of the city:

* 00100 – Fort

* 00200 – Pettah

* 00300 – Slave Island

* 00400 – Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte (the administrative capital)

The other districts have three-digit postcodes, with the first digit corresponding to the district number. For example, the postcode for Nuwara Eliya district is 222xx and the postcode for Galle district is 8xxyy.

kottawa postal code

In addition to the standard five-digit postcodes, Sri Lanka also uses a four-digit postcode system for its express mail service. These postcodes start with the digits “99”, followed by two digits which correspond to the district, and end with a check digit. For example, the postcode for Colombo district is 9900xx and the postcode for Galle district is 9988yy.

The Dehiwala postal code is 11350.

The boralesgamuwa postal code is 11300.

Pannipitiya postal code is 12450.

The postal code of Piliyandala is 10300.

The postal code for Battaramulla is 11300.

The mulleriyawa postal code is 11000.

Kottawa postal code is 82300.

Piliyandala postal code is 10350

Piliyandala is a town located in the Colombo District of Sri Lanka. It is situated approximately 10 km (6.2 mi) south-east of the country’s capital, Colombo. Piliyandala is one of the most populous towns in Sri Lanka and its population was estimated at 122,423 in 2012. The town is governed by an Urban Council and it is one of the main commercial centres in the Colombo South Province.

Most of Sri Lanka’s postal codes are five digits long. The first digit represents the region, the second and third digits represent the district, and the fourth and fifth digits represent the town or village. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however. For example, Colombo’s postal code is 00100, while Kandy’s is 20000. The reason for this is that these two cities were the first to be given postal codes when Sri Lanka’s postal system was introduced in 1857.In some cases, a single postcode may cover more than one town or village. For example, the postcode for Katunayake (which is in the Colombo district) also covers Negombo (which is in the Gampaha district). This is because these two towns are adjacent to each other and share a common post office.

The following is a list of some of the most popular postal codes in Sri Lanka:

– 100xx: Colombo

– 200xx: Kandy

– 300xx: Galle

– 400xx: Nuwara Eliya

– 500xx: Kurunegala

– 600xx: Anuradhapura

– 700xx: Ratnapura

– 800xx: Matara

– 900xx: Badulla

If you need any more information about postal codes in Sri Lanka, you can contact the Sri Lanka Post Office. Their website is http://www.slpost.gov.lk/ and their email address is info@slpost.gov.lk.

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