Manike Mage Hithe lyrics

Manike Mage Hithe lyrics This poem is about the simple joy of nature. The speaker has been out walking and comes across a field of daffodils. The sight of them makes him feel happy, and he reflects on how nature can always lift his spirits. Even when he is feeling down, he knows that he can always find happiness by looking at the natural world around him.

manike mage hithe lyrics

Manike Mage Hithe is a popular Sri Lankan folk song. It is believed to be composed by the great Sri Lankan composer, Dr. W.D. Amaradeva. The song is about a young girl named Manike who is in love with a boy named Mage Hithe. Manike sings about her love for Mage Hithe and how she longs to be with him. The song has been covered by many artists over the years and remains a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions in Sri Lanka. Manike Mage Hithe is a beautiful example of Sri Lankan folk music and is sure to fill your heart with happiness.

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