india to sri lanka currency

india to sri lanka currency The currency of Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan rupee. The symbol for the Sri Lankan rupee is Rs, and the currency code is LKR. The Sri Lankan rupee is divided into 100 cents.

Sri Lanka’s central bank is the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, which was established in 1950. The bank is responsible for issuing the country’s currency, as well as for regulating the money supply and credit in the economy.

The Sri Lankan rupee was introduced in 1869, replacing the Ceylonese rixdollar at a rate of one rupee to two rixdollars. The rupee was decimalized in 1869, with the introduction of the cents system.

In 1873, the Board of Commissioners of Currency Ceylon was established as Sri Lanka’s central bank. In 1950, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka took over the functions of the board.

The Sri Lankan rupee was pegged to the British pound until 1972, when it was replaced by a peg to the US dollar. In 1979, the rupee was allowed to float freely against other currencies.

india to sri lanka currency

The Sri Lankan rupee has been relatively stable since the early 2000s. As of June 2018, one Sri Lankan rupee is worth approximately 0.006 US dollars.

Sri Lanka is a relatively poor country, with a GDP per capita of just $3,890 in 2017. However, the country’s economy has been growing rapidly in recent years, and is expected to continue to do so.

The Sri Lankan rupee is not a widely used currency outside of Sri Lanka. However, it is possible to exchange Sri Lankan rupees for other currencies at some banks and moneychangers in Sri Lanka.

travelers to Sri Lanka should be aware that the country’s currency is the Sri Lankan rupee. Travelers should also be aware of the exchange rate between the Sri Lankan rupee and their own currency, as well as of any fees associated with exchanging currency.

When traveling in Sri Lanka, it is always a good idea to have some local currency on hand for incidentals. However, many businesses in Sri Lanka, especially hotels and restaurants, accept major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

ATMs are widely available in Sri Lanka, and most will dispense cash in Sri Lankan rupees. Travelers can also exchange foreign currency for Sri Lankan rupees at banks and moneychangers in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with a lot to offer travelers. From its stunning beaches to its rich culture, there is something for everyone in Sri Lanka. And with its friendly people and low cost of living, Sri Lanka is an affordable place to travel. So if you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka, be sure to bring some cash in Sri Lankan rupees!

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