Kingdom hearts 2 master form level up

kingdom hearts 2 master form

How to get a master form

To get Master Form, you must first complete the Hercules Cup at Olympus Coliseum. This can be done after you’ve completed the majority of the game. Once you’ve beaten all the cups at Olympus Coliseum, go talk to Hercules and he’ll challenge you to a battle. Defeat him and you’ll earn the Master Form Charge ability.

Now, when you have Master Form Charge available, go to any save point and use it. You must have at least two full bars of MP (not counting overdrives) in order to use Master Form Charge. When you have two full bars of MP, press Triangle + Circle + X simultaneously and you’ll change into Master Form.

How to level up master form

To level up master form in kingdom hearts 2, you will need to complete the following tasks:

-Defeat heartless enemies while in master form
-Collect form orbs from defeating heartless enemies
-Complete curves with high scores in mini-games

When you have completed these tasks, your master form will level up and you will be able to access more powerful abilities.

The benefits of master form

kingdom hearts 2 master form level up is a quick and easy way to get access to powerful abilities and gear in the game. It allows you to progress through the game faster and easier, and can make the game more fun and enjoyable. There are some drawbacks to it as well, however.

Increased strength

In Master Form, Sora’s strength is increased, allowing him to do more damage with his attacks. He also gains access to new combos and skills, making him even more dangerous in combat. In addition, Master Form is the only form that allows Sora to use certain powerful spells, such as Curaga and Holy.

Increased speed

Master form is an extremely powerful and versatile form that Sora can assume in Kingdom Hearts 2. This form is incredibly fast, and allows Sora to string together huge combos with ease. In addition, master form has access to a number of different Special Ability commands which can deal massive damage to enemies, or provide support for your allies.

Increased durability

Master Form is an incredibly powerful form that Sora can assume in Kingdom Hearts II. This form is much more durable than the other forms, and it allows Sora to deal much more damage. When in Master Form, Sora is also able to double jump and glide, making navigation much easier. In addition, all of Sora’s attacks are twice as powerful when in Master Form.

How to use master form

In order to use master form, the player must first complete the game. After doing so, they must then go to the menu and select the “Forms” option. From there, they can select master form and start using it. Master form is extremely powerful and will help the player progress through the game much faster.

In battle

To use master form, you must first level up to level 50. To do this, you must collect heart containers. You can get these by defeating enemies, completing worlds, and finding secret endings. After you have collected enough heart containers, your character will automatically level up to 50.

Once you have reached level 50, you can activate master form by pressing the X button. This will transform your character into a powerful being with enhanced speed, strength, and magical abilities. You can stay in this form for as long as you want, but it will eventually run out of energy and you will need to rest before using it again.

Master form is incredibly powerful and can help you defeat even the strongest of enemies. However, there are some downsides to using this form. First, your health will slowly drain while you are in master form. Second, if you take too much damage while in master form, you will be knocked out of it and will have to wait a few moments before using it again.

Despite these drawbacks, master form is still an incredibly useful ability that can help you through even the most difficult challenges in kingdom hearts 2

In exploration

In order to level up your Master Form in Kingdom Hearts 2, you’ll need to use it frequently in exploration. Use it to explore new areas and to fight enemies. When you use it often, you’ll gain points which will eventually lead to a level up. Make sure to use Master Form often and you’ll be able to level it up in no time!

Tips for using master form

Master form is one of the most powerful forms in kingdom hearts 2. In order to level up your master form, you need to collect a lot of magic orbs. The easiest way to do this is to defeat enemies and bosses. You can also find magic orbs in treasure chests. Once you have collected enough orbs, you can level up your master form by talking to Jiminy.

When to use master form

You should use master form when…

you need the added damage output, especially against large groups of enemies or very tough enemies;
you need the added speed and mobility;
you need to break through enemy defenses;
you want to survive falls from great heights;
the situation otherwise warrants it.

When not to use master form

You should not use Master Form when doing the following things: -You are close to levels 50, 60, or 70. Getting to these levels quickly is important, as they unlock new Ansem Reports and great abilities. -You are trying to get stat prizes from the Coliseum. -You want to try out other forms, such as Final Form or AntiForm.


There is no level up for Master Form in Kingdom Hearts 2. You will have to complete the game to get it.

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