Library not loaded usrlocaloptreadlineliblibreadline6dylib

Error Message

If you see this error message, the system could not find the libreadline6dylib library. This library is required for the Readline module, which the python interpreter uses. You can fix this error by installing the Readline module.

What does the error message mean?

The error message “library not loaded usrlocaloptreadlineliblibreadline6dylib” generally means that the Readline library is not installed on your system. Readline is a library that provides a set of functions for editing line input from files or terminal windows.

How can I fix it?

This error message indicates that the Readline library is not installed on your system. This library is required by certain programs, such as the Bash shell, to provide features such as command line editing and history.

To fix this problem, you will need to install the Readline library. On macOS, you can do this using Homebrew:

  1. Open a terminal window and type ‘brew install readline’.
  2. Press Enter to run the installation process.
  3. Once the installation is complete, try running the program again.
    Library not loaded usrlocaloptreadlineliblibreadline6dylib. Reason: image not found
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    What is usrlocaloptreadlineliblibreadline6dylib?
    usrlocaloptreadlineliblibreadline6dylib is a library that provides readline services to programs that use the readline library. It is located in /usr/local/opt/readline/lib/.
    The readline library provides a set of functions for reading a line from a stream. The readline function reads a line from the stream, and returns a pointer to the buffer containing the line. The readline function is defined in the header file readline.h.
    What is readline?

The readline library provides a set of functions for reading lines of text from a variety of input sources. These functions are used by many applications to provide a modifiable history of previously entered commands, to allow the editing of entered text, and to provide completion facilities for partially entered text.

What is the difference between readline and libreadline?

readline is a library that provides an interface for reading input from the user, either from a terminal or from a file. libreadline is a library that provides an implementation of readline.


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