Link fatal error lnk1168 cannot open

What is a Link Fatal Error?

A link fatal error LNK1168 occurs when Visual Studio cannot find the required files to link a project. This can be caused by a number of things: -The file may be missing -The file may be corrupt -There may be a permissions issue -The file may be incompatible with the version of Visual Studio you are using.

How to Fix a Link Fatal Error

The link fatal error lnk1168 can be a frustrating error to deal with. This error can occur when you try to compile your code or run your program. The error can also occur when you try to link to a dynamic library. There are a few ways you can fix this error, so let’s get into it.

Option One: Re-Install the Program

If you are receiving the error when trying to open a program, it is possible that the program was not installed correctly. If you are able to re-install the program, this should fix the issue.

Heading:Option Two: Run a System File Check


If you are unable to re-install the program, it is possible that there is an issue with a system file. Running a System File Check (SFC) will scan for and replace any corrupted system files on your computer.

Option Two: Delete the Program

If you cannot find the program that is causing the error, you can try uninstalling all of the programs that were installed around the time the error started appearing. Once you have uninstalled all of the hardware and software that may be causing link fatal error lnk1168, restart your computer and see if the error goes away.


This error may occur for various reasons. The most common reason is that the file path for the Visual C++ Runtime Library is incorrect. Other reasons include an incorrect version of the library being installed or a corrupted system file.

If you encounter this error, first check to make sure that the file path for the Visual C++ Runtime Library is correct. If it is not, you will need to fix it in order to be able to compile your program.

Next, check to see if there is an updated version of the library available. If there is, install it and try compiling your program again.

Finally, if neither of these solutions work, you may need to restore your system files from a backup. This will replace any corrupted system files that may be causing the linker error.

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