Os error cannot identify image file


If you’re encountering the “oserror cannot identify image file” error, it means that your Python script is trying to open a file that it doesn’t have permission to access. The most likely cause of this is that the file is located in a protected area of your computer, such as your home directory. To fix this, you’ll need to give your Python script permission to access the file.

What is an OSError?

An OSError is a Python exception that is raised when a system call fails. A system call is a function that requests resources from the operating system, such as opening a file or creating a process. When one of these functions fails, an OSError is raised.

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Causes of an OSError

One common reason for seeing this error is that the file you’re trying to open is not an image file. Another possibility is that the file has become corrupted and can no longer be read by your computer. If you’re not sure what type of file you have, try checking the file extension to see if it matches aknown image format.

How to fix an OSError

If you’re encountering an OSError while trying to open or save an image file, it’s likely that you’re using an invalid or unsupported image format. To fix this, try converting the image to a different format using an online converter tool or a software like Adobe Photoshop. Once you’ve converted the image to a compatible format, try opening or saving it again.


The error “oserror cannot identify image file” indicates that the Python interpreter is unable to determine the format of the image file. This can be due to several reasons, such as an incorrect file extension, or an incorrect file header.

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